Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beus's Visit

Some of Lance's family decided they wanted to see what Tennessee had to offer and decided to rent an 18 passenger van and make the very long drive out from Idaho to Tennessee. I can't believe they survived the 40+ hour drive, but they seemed to have enjoyed it and we were sure happy to actually have some visitors to our new home.

They only stayed the weekend, and then decided to go all over and see this part of the country. But while they were here we went to the Rhododendron festival at Roan Mountain State Park. The Rhododendron is a flower that only blooms like right now and then the flowers go away, and I guess at this state park hold the largest rhododendron garden in the western hemisphere. Needless to say, they have a festival every year at this time (when the flowers are at their peak bloom) and there is all kinds of music going on, and tons of little booths with all sorts of goodies, and the best junk food. So we spent the day at the festival, and here are just a few pictures from it 

And I've been getting a few questions about how big our dog Ace is getting. So we finally took a picture to show that he really is getting huge. He now weighs almost 10 pounds, so he's really big to us, but everybody still thinks he's just so small. I think he's getting a complex about it now actually :)

A few more pictures from the festival... Lance with his Dad and brother

And me and Lance, oh and that is what those flowers look like. They are actually pretty cool. I don't know about a whole festival for them, but hey..whatever, it made for a fun day.

And we want more visitors, so come on people, we miss you!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vacation part 2

We finally got our internet working at our house so I will be able to keep our posts more up to date :)  So finally I am able to put the a few pictures from the other half our our vacation. After Costa Rica we flew to Texas for a week to spend some time with the family, it was really fun because my whole family was there and we had many events going on throughout the week to keep us very very busy!

First, we had Alivias first birthday!!! To celebrate she had a pool party, that included a small slide for her and all of her little baby friends. It was so cute and I think she loved it, even if she did have no idea it was her birthday :)

Becca and Alivia, ready to party!

Haley, Zach, Lance and Myself getting our party on!

Next we had Kacies babyshower. She and Adam are expecting their first baby boy in August. I think she had a lot of fun, and got lots of gifts that I hear come in handy when you have kids.

This was Kacies cake for the shower

All of us Capra girls, (+2 more little ones on the way, and by that I mean Kacie and Becca are expecting :) 

Then finally it was graduation day!! The girls spent the morning getting our nails done, of course, and just hanging out all together.

Mom, Haley, Ariel

Becca and Alivia

Kacie, Zachary, Lance

Lance and Ariel
(We both got our hair cut in Texas... Lance hates paying to get a haircut so my brother Zach said he would was going well till Zach nicked his head, Lance decided he couldn't go to work with spots in his head so he decided to just shave the whole thing...the rest is clear. But the funny thing is when we got home and went to church every single person in our ward said something about it, the most common questions were "did you join the army" and "did you loose a bet?")

Ariel and Haley

YEAH HALEY!!! We are SOOO proud of you and all you have accomplished!! Haley will be starting BYU this summer and we are very excited , so everyone look for her and invite her over for dinner:)

We had such a great trip, 2 weeks really seemed like 2 months but it was so fun,  we are grateful everyday for all the we are able to do and see, and we can't wait for our next adventure!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Costa Rica

I'm not sure why my last post wouldn't let me do more pictures, but oh well, I'll try again :) 

Me and Lance :)


All of us together at the waterfall we hiked to

Playing with the monkeys

Lance and Jeff...I know...wierd

Lance zip lining like superman
    We held the huge snake

This monkey may look cute, but he stole Lances wallet

At the waterfall

Costa Rica was wonderful, I think while I was there it hit me,  we definitely need to take more vacations!!

Vacation Time

I finally have a minute to update our blog a little. Things have just been so crazy, summers are made for relaxing but we have been busier than ever. But I just had to put up some pictures from our recent vacation to Costa Rica. It was so fun, we went with our friends Jeff and Lynn and just had the best time ever. And thanks to our trip to Costa Rica I am proud to say that I have now filled out 2 whole pages in my passport...yeah!

Lance and I by some big tree that we thought was cool.

We did A LOT of snorkeling!

We got to do a canopy tour, which means we took the zip line through the jungle. It was so fun, we didn't see too many animals,
 but lots of monkeys.

See, We did miss you...."Wish you were here!"
Us with our new friend Frank, he took us around and showed us all the good spots to go, and places to eat at.