Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crazy 8's

I know I'm a little behind with keeping up with our life, but better late than never right :) 

I'm always trying to get Lance to go running and I've found the easiest way to get him to go is to sign us up for a race. Then he at least has to come with me and do it. Something about the competition helps us run faster and faster, we hate to have people pass us. So a couple of weeks ago we ran in the Kingsport Crazy 8's race. It is the fastest 8k in the world they say, and they give out a lot of money to the people who break all the records. Unfortunately, we didn't break any records, but we had a great time running it. The race started at 9:58 pm, and it was neat because we ran through the town, and people came out and sat on their lawns to cheer us all on.

It was way fun,  so if anyone wants to join us next year come on over :)