Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zachs Wedding

Here are a few pictures from Zach and Elizas wedding and reception. It was beautiful, and I was so happy that we were able to be there for them. Except here's some advice, don't get married in Houston in is soooo hot. We were dying at the temple. Hopefully they got some really good pictures.

Family Picture at the reception
Sisters with Aunt Mary

Kendall enjoying the moment with Ethan

Our whole family picture....awww

Zach and Eliza

Kacie, Adam and Cade

Zach and Eliza with the kids, Kendall was passed out

Haley :)

Trying to stay cool

yeah, they're married

Chad, Alivia, and Becca


We went to Texas a couple of weeks ago because my brother Zach was getting married. We drove down a few days early because Lance was working and we wanted to see everyone. We had a great time, I miss my sisters so much and had so much fun hanging out with them and getting all the kiddos together.
Cade and Kendall

Alivia, Kendall, and Ethan

Kacie, Ariel, Haley and Becca (gosh what straight teeth :)

Mommy and Kendall

Ethan and Kendall

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Hobbies

Kendall has a new hobby, she loves playing the piano.

Bath Time

I missed taking pictures of Kendalls first bath, so I figured its ok if I take some of her last bath in the sink. She has finally out grown the sink and we have bought her an inflatable duck that fits in the tub for her to bathe in now. Gosh she's cute :)

Hanging Out

We were just hanging out one afternoon and I thought we should take some pictures. So here they are. I love this one of our whole family, even Ace joined in on the family fun. :)

Solid Foods

Kendall has started eating solids now. She mostly only likes the vegetables, but we're working of the fruits too.

Kendall has a boyfriend

Our good friends Erik and Allison had their little boy Cohen 2 days after Kendall was born. So it seems that they are already destined to be together....Not sure if they really understand whats going on yet, but it sure is cute and funny to watch them interact.