Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Pictures-

When we were in Utah for the marathon we had my bff take some family pictures for us. Lindsey is the best photographer, you should all hire her. I mean look how good she makes us look :) But really, she's the best and we always LOVE the pictures she does!!!

There are so many great ones, but here are a few to look at....

PS, we have the best family!! We are so blessed!!!!!

Lake House Reunion

I have been blessed with the very best group of friends from high school. It's amazing that even after ten years its like no time has passed and we are all still the best of friends. We had our 10 year high school reunion last week, so we decided to go up to the lake house and have a mini reunion of our own before the real one. It was so fun to catch up with everyone, and it was so fun because almost everyone was able to come. IT was a great weekend of talking, eating, relaxing and just being together again. I got to bring Kendall with me, so she had her first experience on a boat. She loved it! I think we may be investing in one soon. But here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Mommy and Kendall

Kendall didn't want to get off, so she just passed out while riding.

Gosh....still look the same after 10 years :)

Kendall found a mini pool, with uncle tate

She is really a fish out of water, she loves being in the water!!!

Kendall and Aspen, future BFFs

Kendall was ready to get on the boat, and was mad that she had to wait

Cute mommy and baby

All the babies, Aspen, Kendall, and Beckham

Kendall loving the wind in her hair