Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boise, Salt Lake, Marathon

Lance and I decided to do another marathon. This one was in Provo, Utah. So we decided to go out for the week and go up to Idaho to see Lances family, and then my sister Haley in Utah. It was a lot of traveling in a short amount of time, especially with a sick baby for half of it, but we made it. And we had a great time visiting family and letting Kendall finally meet the cousins on Lances side. Here is some of our trip....

Kendall got very spoiled, and got pushed around in the stroller by her older cousins for most of the time.

Lances mom and sisters, and their daughters

Kendall discovered a love for horses, especially this one the bounces. She wanted to play on this all day and night.

We talked Haley and Christian into coming and hanging out with us for most of the time. We were going to a friends wedding reception and Christian forgot clothes, so Lance's grandpa was kind enough to lend him the purple alligator shoes with matching purple tie.

This is all of Lances family, it took forever to get everyone together for a picture. They even got Lances grandparents to come up, so Kendalls great grandparents were all there.

Us in Twin Falls, at the big waterfall. It was beautiful.

Lance with his dad and grandparents.

Kendall and I before church in Twin Falls. (my new dress :)

Jumping on the trampoline.

We did a little bit of 4 wheeling while we were there. It was so fun, and so nice to see real mountains again.

Oh, and I marathon went ok. It ended up pouring rain for like the first 10 miles, so we were soaked to the bone and freezing. I think I was shivering the whole time. But we did finish and now have 2 under our belts. Woo, go us! We didn't break any records, but we had a good time. Lets put it like this....never have eye surgery and not be able to run for the 2 weeks before your marathon :) I think for our next event we're gonna do a sprint triathlon in July. Try something different...anyone up for the challenge??

Summer has begun...

Summer has officially started here at our house, in fact Kendall and I go to the pool practically ever day. Kendall just finished swimming lessons, turns out she's pretty much a fish and loves being in the water. Almost a little too much, she is always trying to jump in. But here she is getting ready to go out to the pool.

A little ways from our house they have a strawberry festival, so we went to that a few weeks ago. It was fun, super hot. But we stayed cool with some amazing strawberry short cake, and stayed very entertained trying to count all the mullets we could see.

And a few weeks ago, Lance and I had Lasik eye surgery. I would highly recommend it. The surgery was a little wierd, but so fast it was over before I even knew it. We had to wear these sweet eye shields at night for a week to protect our eyes because we couldn't touch them for a few days. It really wasn't bad at all, and now I am contact free.....woohoo!!!