Sunday, January 2, 2011


We spent Christmas in H0uston, we had a great time being with my whole family. It seems like its been a while since we were all together. But it was great, and Kendall loved being able to play with her cousins. We wish that we lived closer, she asks about them everyday. She got so many toys and things to play with our whole house is being taken over by Kendall and her toys.

Family picture, too early, on Christmas morning.

Kendall is really into saying "cheese" now for the pictures.

She got a kitchen, thanks zach for putting it together!!!

Reading with her cousins Ethan and Alivia, Uncle Chad, and Grandpa
Cousins Cade, Breck, and Kendall

Playing the Ipad with Uncle Zach

Kendall with her Thomas train, a very popular gift

Kendall in her Belle costume, she is still wearing everyday!
Watching her new favorite movie "The Grinch" with Cade

Setting up the candles outside Grandmas house with Cade and Ethan

I love Christmas, and am sad that the holidays are now over. We love being able to spend time with our family and friends and are looking forward to 2011 and for all the adventures that it holds for us!!!


For Christmas we got to go down to Houston, we had a great time, but one of the best things we got to do was go with my family to the temple. Haley was going through for the first time and so we were so lucky to be able to go with her. We are so proud of her, Haley is going to be serving a mission soon. She was called to the El Salvador/Belize mission. She leaves Feb. 23. Although we already miss her, I can't wait to hear about all her adventures and just know she will be the most amazing missionary ever!!!!!


Last year around this time we went to Dollywood, we were suckers and got talked in to getting season passes for 2010. Funny thing about that, we never quite made it back throughout the year. So while there was only a couple of weeks left of 2010 we decided to finally go back and make buying the stupid passes worth it. We had a great time, Kendall was able to go on a bunch of the rides and loved it, which made it all worth it for us. Christmas time is the best time to go to Dollywood because of all the fun decorations and lights that they put up for the season.

And no, we didn't get sucked into buying passes for 2011 :)


I have not been doing a stellar job of keeping up with this, or of taking pictures lately. But I blame my huge belly that seems to have taken my brain away too. So I'll try to do some quick updates from all the recent holidays. For Thanksgiving we stayed here at home but were lucky enough to have Lance's parents come for the week. We had a great time with them, and always want to have more visitors (hint, hint). Of course I didn't take many pictures, but one day we went to the zoo and I did remember the camera. So here are a few shots from then.

Kendall loved the zoo, she just loves animals. And she got some new sunglasses for the days, she wouldn't take them off the whole time we were there.

What a fun week we had, we have so much to be thankful for!!