Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Kendall

As I'm putting these pictures on here, the order seems to have gotten all messed up. But I guess you still get the idea :)

Kendall turned 2 on Feb 12. I can't believe how the time has flown by, what a crazy wonderful couple of years it has been. We are so lucky to have our little princess, she makes everyday more wonderful.

She loved opening presents, and she really loved playing in the wrapping paper everything came in.

We had swimming lessons in the morning. She loves swimming!! The only problem is that she really thinks she can do it all by herself, she's not afraid of anything.

Blowing out her birthday candle.

Opening presents, she is in a Thomas the train phase, so she about died when she saw this.

We bought her a bunch of balloons, so when we woke up she knew it was her birthday from all the balloons. She thought it was the greatest thing ever.

We love our sweet Kendall!!!!

In other news....I'm still pregnant. Now 35 weeks miserable. Trying to hang on for this last little while, but we are getting very excited for our new little boy to get here. Kendall loves going to the Dr and listening to the heart beat, she gets really excited and talks non stop about our baby. Of course she lifts up her shirt and thinks that she has one too, but I'm glad she's excited.

We are so blessed!!!


Dan and Dee said...

Happy 2nd birthday Kendall! I am so excited for y'all to have a boy in a few weeks. Best of luck! Sounds like Kendall is going to love having a baby brother!
Best wishes to you all.

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