Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Baby!!

We went to the hospital on Wednesday night so that we would be ready to start the induction early Thursday morning. Thursday morning (March 24) they started the pitocin around 6:30 am, the Dr came in and broke my water, and the contractions started. It was pretty smooth sailing from there. I started getting pretty miserable so I got an epidural, turns out I was now dialated to a 6. The epidural worked great, and I felt wonderful afterward :) A little while longer and I was ready to go. I pushed for about 20 quick minutes and then we welcomed our sweet new baby boy at 12:21 pm. He came in weighing 7 pounds 15 ozs, and was 19 in long. It was a great very quick labor, I still can't believe it went so fast. We didn't have a name picked out at all till that morning, somehow I thought of Ryan and it seemed to fit. Lance and I both agreed on it, so it just stuck. Dean is after Lance's grandfather who married us. So we have Ryan Dean Beus. He is wonderful, and healthy and we couldn't feel more blessed to have him. Here are some pictures from the big day :)

Wednesday night....ready for this to be over!
Welcome baby Ryan....

Still drugged and no longer pregnant...thats why I'm so happy :)

Babies look a little scary at first, luckily he gets cuter everyday

Family of 4.....
Getting ready to go home, finally
Kendall loves her brother

Both getting much needed rest in the hospital
She's such a big helper

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Dan and Dee said...

Congratulations Ariel. Did I read March 24th, I am a bit late wish you the best but I still want to do so!
Glad your delivery went so well and that your little Ryan is healthy and doing well.