Thursday, November 10, 2011


So, it's only been about 7 months since I've last written. But I have a renewed commitment to keep this up, so here goes nothing. But wow....what a 7 months it has been. Since our last post quite a lot has happened for our little family. I guess first of all, we have moved. We are now living in Texas...back to my roots. We are almost directly in between Dallas and Houston, in a small town named Lufkin. Turns out we had actually driven through here many times going back and forth from Johnson City to Houston, but who knew we would ever be living in this place. But it's been good to us. We moved here at the end of April, just in time for the blazing summer to begin, and let me tell you it was SOOOO HOT!!! Everyone said this this was the hottest summer yet, but really it was terrible. We did a lot of swimming and any indoor activities that we could think of.
I'll try to catch up the last few months the best as possible, so bear with me. So May.... started out with a fabulous mothers day. We even ended up blessing Ryan that Sunday, so what a special day it turned out to be. My family was able to come up, and Lances parents were able to come, so we felt very loved. I think that we doubled the size of our new ward with all our family there, but we loved it.

Some "Welcome to Texas" cookies that we received...

Ryans blessing/ Mothers day!

Kendall started potty training,
Ryan turned into a Texas fan
We were able to go to Tate's graduation from high school..
So as soon as we got here we were super busy. But we loved every minute, and seriously, where does the time go?!

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