Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ok so here goes July.....
I guess first and foremost I had my birthday......the big 29. Not really sure how I feel about being so old now. It's a little scary, but gosh I love my life. I feel like the luckiest person ever to have all the blessings that I have.

I love this little smile. He does a lot of this, he is already so much calmer then Kendall ever was. I really hope it stays like this.

They discovered baths together. And no, Kendall does not really fit in the duck with him, but she is a determined little thing and stuffs herself in there.

Finally ordered another crib for Ryan, Kendall will not give hers up. And he got too big too fast for the baby crib, so he now has a king size crib that he loves.

Ryan started eating solids. He took right to it, and loves it. He's an eater.
More eating, don't mind the pink high chair. What can I say....2nd child.

We had more visits from cousins, the Schmidgals came to visit us.

Happy 4th of July, we got to spend it with good friends and good food. I love this holiday! ANd finally Kendall was old enough to love the fireworks, it was so fun to watch her!
Ry in his 4 of July outfit.
More cousins....The Beus family drove from Idaho. We felt very special with all the visitors, WE LOVE IT!!! Come back, we want more!

Ryan started rolling over...

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